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V2L Events \vee-too-el * ih-vents\


n: an avant-garde event planning company that offers first-class event planning, design, and management services for corporate and social events.


adj: exceptional, high-quality and personalized service that exceeds the needs and expectations of clients and event attendees.


v: 1. transforms client’s vision into reality   

    2. produces events that will have a legendary impact                     

    3. provides professional service   

    4. relieves planning stress and burden.


Synonyms- Client Satisfaction, Customer Service, Professionalism, High-Quality, Integrity



In 2009, this Atlanta, Ga based company was founded with an aim to create a company that understood how to carefully listen to clients and execute an end product that is a direct reflection of their vision and brand. Its founding was also designed to preserve the essence of elegant and upscale events. The plan was to infuse an upscale ambience and modern touches of technology to create a unique event experience. V2L’s success stems from dissecting the event’s needs & objectives, recommending high-quality solutions & implementation strategies, and executing with passion, energy and zeal.


In 2011, the V2L Design Studio was created as a support unit to provide clients with essential graphic design services that complement the event planning services for each event. The intent was to offer solutions that would enhance client event branding, marketing, and promotions in the form of a seamless production package that would simultaneously unfold as the event is being planned and executed. These services are also available a la cart to clients that do not require event planning services. Click here to visit the V2L Design Studio website and view our portfolio.


Core Values

At V2L Events, our core values are focused on providing clients with the 5-Star treatment to ensure success of their event.


  • Client Satisfaction is our #1 priority and ensures our clients are completely happy and satisfied from beginning to end. Period!
  • Customer Service provides a courteous, friendly, and genuine atmosphere with every interaction. 
  • Professionalism from a trained and experienced staff who implements best business practices to meet the event’s needs and exceeds client's expectations.
  • High-Quality planning and execution that takes every aspect into consideration to enhance the quality of the event’s overall production.
  • Integrity in our service delivery that is honest and true without compromise.



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