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Why V2L?


V2L has quickly grown to become a leader in the planning and execution of events that continuously meet the needs of companies and organizations from a branding and promotions focus. Our planning & execution focuses on positively reflecting your brand and ensuring your guests are hosted with a rewarding experience and leave with new memories that will last a lifetime, while also enhancing their knowledge of their host. We listen to your needs, understand your vision and execute service recommendations that will provide the best in obtaining the event goal.


Our services are best suited for companies and organizations seeking a detailed oriented planner that understands not only how to execute an event, but how to make sure the small details and large tasks are handled with equal effort.


CORPORATE events are designed to handle the operational and promotional needs of small businesses, large corporations and other for profit entities that host events for clients, stakeholders, and employees. Whether the event focuses in cultivation & networking, company promotions and branding, or even holiday parties and employee appreciation events… we are here to help safeguard your bottom line as professional event experts ready to alleviate planning anxiety and employee overload.


ORGANIZATIONAL events are designed for churches/religious entities, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, social/civic/professional associations, and other entities that host conferences, socials, fund raisers, formal events, etc. We want you and your members to enjoy your event with no worries and host your guests with the attention they deserve.



V2L…High quality client-focused event & branding solutions…that’s what we do!


V2L Events is an event planning company that is ready to assist you with taking your event ideas to the next level. We specialize in the planning and execution of events of all types as requested by our clients. As we aim to meet your needs, our services are 100% customized to reflect your unique vision & brand and will provide you and your guests with a legendary experience.


V2L’s meticulous and detailed oriented services are perfect for…

Conferences & Corporate Meetings

Branding, Networking & Cultivation Events

Holiday Affairs, Appreciation Celebrations, or Fundraising Events

We are your first and last phone call...

...and we will make YOUR vision a legendary experience!


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